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Encryption Should not Trump Law Enforcement

TL;DR: Law Enforcement should be able to access individual encrypted devices when properly authorized by court order, as long as the devices are physically in their possession via normal search and seizure. Encryption has long been used to secure communications over public networks, from government secrets to email and commerce. While technological advances provide more privacy to users, Law Enforcement (LE) must be afforded some access to secured devices when authorized by a court. Without this capability, LE becomes incapable … Continue reading

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Correcting Message Order with Courier

Recently I moved some local messages from my machine (previously downloaded with pop3) onto the server so I could use imap. I used on Mac OS X 10.5.8 to do this. For some reason, the messages in this example were uploaded in a way that caused them to be loaded in the wrong order on iOS 5.0.1. Since I run the mailserver myself, I took a look at the message files to see if I could deduce the cause … Continue reading

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Google Authenticator Backup Woes

Google Authenticator doesn’t backup on iOS; before erasing your old device, make sure to re-configure Google Authenticator on your new one. Continue reading

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Houses in Minecraft

So I’ve been playing Minecraft, focusing mainly on the creative aspect, although I play the new Beta client and run my own server locally so I get the features added post-classic. I’ve turned off monster spawning and set the difficulty to Peaceful, so I can focus on bringing creations to life instead of running from scary monsters in the night. The first time I played with monsters, I found the sound of a zombie’s “murrrrrrrr” in a dark, endless cavern … Continue reading

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Regression: Adobe CS4

So I was talking with my friends a while back, deep into one of my frequent rants about ineptitude in the software industry, when it struck me that I should start blogging this stuff. Also, my friends pointed out that the manner in which I deliver my criticism is particularly funny, and that I should post audio clips of this to accompany the rant. I’ve decided to start a new section on this site devoted to these rants. The section … Continue reading

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Quicksilver Plugins

As the Quicksilver site seems to be down right as everyone is reinstalling for Leopard, I’ve packaged the plugins I have into a zip available here. Quicksilver itself is available here. To install, just put the PlugIns folder in your Library/Application Support/Quicksilver folder or double click the plugins. [Update] Zon Wakest was nice enough to upload additional plugins. Thanks Zon! These are now added into my archive and the combined list is below. If you got the old archive, download … Continue reading

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