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Understanding Memory: Part 2

In Part 1, we demonstrated a basic memory model and how in order to modify variables, one must know the variable’s address. In this section, we will talk about pointers vs arrays, and introduce the heap and stack. Pointers vs Arrays You may have heard already that pointers are arrays and arrays are pointers. First, consider the difference between value arithmetic and pointer arithmetic: int var = 5; // var is 4 bytes starting at 0x10 var = var + … Continue reading

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Shifting My Own Bits – Part 3

In Part 2 I explained the central conundrum I’m facing: TL;DR: Participating in life makes me feel like a fraud, but I need to participate in life in order to be happy. I have made some progress in understanding the origins of this position. In late June I read Atlas Shrugged and was fascinated by the prolific discussions of morality. As I pondered, I realized that I don’t have a well-defined moral code. Morality here answers the question of “why … Continue reading

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