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Cubic Spline Interpolation

Cubic spline interpolation is a simple way to obtain a smooth curve from a set of discrete points (knots). It has both C1 (first derivative) and C2 (second derivative) continuity, enabling it to produce a continuous piecewise function given a set of data points. From the algorithm detailed here I have implemented a clamped cubic spline class in C++. It is templated on the type of X and Y, allowing for use of scalar or vector types. It requires only … Continue reading

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Houses in Minecraft

So I’ve been playing Minecraft, focusing mainly on the creative aspect, although I play the new Beta client and run my own server locally so I get the features added post-classic. I’ve turned off monster spawning and set the difficulty to Peaceful, so I can focus on bringing creations to life instead of running from scary monsters in the night. The first time I played with monsters, I found the sound of a zombie’s “murrrrrrrr” in a dark, endless cavern … Continue reading

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Time Machine Exclusions – Snow Leopard

A bit late, but here’s an update of the Time Machine exclusion list for Snow Leopard.

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