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Time Machine: Switching Computers

My main Mac is out of service for a few days as the screen gets replaced, so I performed a Time Machine restore onto another computer to use in the meantime. I’ll let this computer continue backing up to the same time machine volume, then do a TM restore back onto my main machine when it’s fixed. On the temporary machine, Time Machine didn’t want to continue backing up to the same backup folder. From Time Machine’s perspective, this is … Continue reading

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Key Value Observing Improvements v1.2.2

Quick bug fix update: 1.2.2 Fixes a crash due to a missing implementation of __KVOAdditions__dealloc__original__ on NSObject. 1.2.1 now runs on the iPhone. The new updates are in SVN at and tagged at

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Key Value Observing Improvements v1.2

Hot on the heels of the 1.1 bug fix release comes version a freshly rewritten 1.2 with API cleanup, bug fixes, and a great new feature. Lately, I’ve been using observers to allow an object to observe changes to its own properties. This means I don’t have to override the setter method (I’m using synthesized properties) and the observation is managed the same way that it would be externally. The current KVO implementation (at least, in non-GC land,) however, doesn’t … Continue reading

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