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NSCopying and Mutability

In the Cocoa frameworks, it is common to find mutable and immutable versions of classes that store data, such as strings, dictionaries, and arrays. Most of these classes also implement the NSCopying informal protocol, and those with mutable variants implement the NSMutableCopying protocol. These protocols specify methods for obtaining immutable and mutable copies of an object. These copying methods should be implemented such that the copy can return an instance of a subclass, to allow for subclasses to copy their … Continue reading

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Readable If Statements

To kick of the Coding Yups and Nopes section, I’ll start with something simple. There are a set of things to do, and a set of things to avoid. For each thing, there are one or more reasons justifying its classification. These reasons are ordered by descending importance and increasing subjectivity. – Nope: if (condition) doWork(); else doOtherWork(); If you’re stepping through with a debugger (I used gdb), it is difficult to tell when stepping over the line if the … Continue reading

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