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The Time Machine application, when in the dock, enables access to functions for showing Time Machine, backing up now, stopping an existing backup, browsing other Time Machine disks and showing Time Machine preferences. If you’re like me, you’d like access to these features without the app in the dock; unfortunately, you can’t — by default.

I’ve done a bit of digging and was able to implement all but one of these features in a menu extra. Download it and the source here.

And yes, the menu icon doesn’t scale nicely :)

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  1. Thomas Billicsich says:

    Hi Devin!

    Really nice program. I found it in search for a TM widget and it seemed quite hard to discover.
    Do you think its possible to extract the information from the preference pane (ie: last update, next update, update in progress) and show it in the menu of your program?
    That is what I’ve been searching for: getting this information without starting the preference pane.


  2. Devin Lane says:

    I’d like to do this as well. I didn’t poke around extensively, but I didn’t see a way to get the current status. I’ll try more poking at some point, and if I figure out a way to do it, I’ll release an update.

  3. Tomas Franzén says:

    How is this different from the regular Time Machine menu extra?

  4. Devin Lane says:

    I wrote it before Apple released their official version. It’s obsolete now.

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